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Shames has well established that, in this instance, anonymous was not a woman. Having identified John Rose as a white male slaveholder, her focus is on him. But I would like her investigation to have paid more rigorous attention to cultural, ethnic and primary historical sources that can possibly situate the enslaved African people and their ethnic cultural artifacts illustrated in the watercolor.

Patrick Robert Sydnor Log Cabin

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Patrick Robert "Parker" Sydnor Log Cabin sits on a historic site located in Clarksville, Virginia. The construction of the cabin suggests that it was built during the antebellum period. A 1 1/2-story log building with a gable roof, the cabin consists of one room with a loft above, and a brick and stone chimney. Also found on the northwest side of the property is a wood storage shed, a chicken house, and an outhouse, dating c. 1930.


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