Our mission is to bring people of different races and backgrounds together as stakeholders building vibrant communities for the public good through the historic preservation and rehabilitation of the Patrick Robert “Parker” Sydnor historic log cabin located in Mecklenburg County, VA.

Parker Sydnor Log Cabin Mecklenburg County, VA

Named after Patrick Robert “Parker” Sydnor (1854-1950), a successful tombstone carver, who intermittently lived in the cabin during the late nineteenth- and early-twentieth centuries, the project site is of vast interest for staging public awareness and support of a dynamic public history among scholars, Southside Mecklenburg, high-stakes grant agencies, and the wider public community.

The Sydnor pre-Civil War log cabin site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register for social history, vernacular architecture, and African American ethnic heritage. NPS recently conferred high impact public visibility for the site by upgrading its status to state wide and national importance with the endorsement of a Virginia state highway marker.

With its rehabilitation, the historic site will have enhanced economic, technological, and cultural significance. The site will be a place where residents and visitors can experience a bit of the old and the new. The primary theme of the project focuses on the bridging of communities through a variety of approaches, such as economic revitalization, educational inclusion, interpretive humanities, and cross-cultural promotion.

The interpretive and educational programming offered on site will demonstrate how the dynamic components of public history and historic preservation engage with social transformation (building diverse cultural communities), and support economic, environmental, and cultural sustainability.